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Product Name:Thermoplastic Polyamide Elastomer

TPA1012、 TPA610 and etc.

Product Situation:Guangyin’s TPA is a copolymer with polyamide as the hard segment and polyether or polyester as the soft segment. The hard segment acts as a physical cross-linking point to provide material rigidity, and the soft segment provides material flexibility. The structure gives the material excellent elasticity. Due to its unique chemical structure, thermoplastic polyamide elastomers have the most eclectic properties of thermoplastic elastomers.

Physical   PropertiesDensityg/cm3ISO   11831.041.061.0251.025
Shore   D hardness-ISO   86865±260±265±243±2
Mechanical   PropertiesTensile   strengthMPaISO   52760455530
Strain at break%ISO   527>300>400>300>500
Flexural strengthMPaISO   1781510305
Flexural modulusMPaISO   17840020080090
Charpy impact strength,23℃KJ/m2ISO   179NBNBNBNB
Charpy impact strength,-30℃KJ/m2ISO   179NBNBNBNB
Charpy notched impact strength,23℃KJ/m2ISO   179NBNB20NB
Charpy notched impact strength,-30℃KJ/m2ISO   17915NB16NB
ThermalMelting rangeISO   3146185-195180-190185-195140-150

Product Characteristics:

Low density, low water absorption
Excellent flexibility and elasticity

Excellent low temperature resistance

Good mechanical properties and fatigue resistance

Customizable hardness range